YCS Hangout 2011 ! [Done + Pictures ]

Behold ! The Leader Of YCS SMK Bandar Bintulu !
Dominic Sanchez !
He's also an Altar Server from Iban Mass.
He's great and really2 have been the best to us.
Nice one bro ! :D
God bless yah !

Assistance of YCS Of SMK Bandar Bintulu 2011
Angelina Livan ! ;)
She is a really nice person. Never been angry to me. HAHA.
And I hope she will success in her life like 'someone' she already meet rite now. ^^
She can be everything she want ! :D
God bless yah !

Yeah ~ this is what I'm talking about ! HAHA.
She is Stephenie Sarah Aren !
This is what happen if we've meet.
Never bored to be with :D
Ice cream time ;)
Eat without care others !
And cameras must there. HAHA.
* Sorry I didn't describe as much as you describe me.
You're too nice for me. HAHA.
God bless yahh !

This is Sterry Larson ! :)
He's eating. HAHA.
Although his body look so fit and
But when he's eating.
He is the man, suitable to be brought to Hartz Chicken Buffet ! :D
He's nice and very respectful person. :)
Best junior I've ever met ! ;)
God bless yaa !

At last ! We can't stand ! :D
Pray2 !
Say our grace before eating.
Cause that what's YCS all about. :D
God ! Jesus ! Our Lord !

And still waiting with smile :) HAHA.

Them ! :D Still waiting patiently ;)

Left : Aaron Jacky *owner of this camera ! :) No him no pictures. HEHE
Right : Well, you know her later. We got a lot of pictures together ! HAHA

Well, this is it ;)
The memories in 2011 !
God bless. And Love you guys.
Especially for,
*everyone in the pictures

YCS Hangout [2011]
Hartz Chicken Buffet.

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