bout my holiday...

my holiday was not too fun..
but sometime it was fun..
hang out with friend..
i hate when im lonely and didn't do any work..
it is like wasting my holiday and fun time..
huh. hope can see u guys during this holiday..
take care ma fwen :D
c ya around... :)

spOngebOb sQuarepants ! !
my fav !!
sy minat !!
ko suka !!

sesi persekolahan 2010

berakhirlah sesi persekolahan 2010 pada
SELASA, 16 November 2010..

so sweet n got many memories bout it
cant forget this year..hmm~


will be our last day of schooling for year 2010..
such a great year..
thanks for all the memory guys..
2F in our mind forever! :D

jOe jOrgersOn_
God bless us! :D

fwen foevahhh..

hmm.. guys..
ujong thun dha.. thun dpn dha nak dtg..
huhu.. so fast 2010.. but its oke..
cabaran n cobaan xkn berhenti :(
sma2 kita rempuh ! !
bersatu kita teguh,bercerai kita roboh! :D
exam's over guyss..
big smile.. :)
btw, next year is no longer freedom.. (PMR)
hoho~ no need to think bout next year..
wait foe 25 dec ow yeahh :D

God bless us :D