lAsT dInNer wItH bRo.gEoFfEry rAnGgu..

last day wif bro.ranggu..
got dinner that nite..
at mandrin restaurant..
so..njOy laa...
sdeh gakk..
dunno how to tell lho~

pRaYeR mEeTiNg..

venue:st.anthony parish hall
date:26 feb. 2010
ol of christian teens are welcome...

hOliDaY fiNisH oLedY...T.T

so fast ow..
skOol back..
i think i start to hate skOol..
but it is FUN..
if without homework or angry teacher..haha..

mY dAyS wiF mY fWeN...........

juz wanna share some of my experience about wat am i get today..hehe...
in the morning,lyke usually,im going to skoOl for my dancing practice..
then,that evening..i didnt wait to go enjoying my evening wif my senior best fwen..
then,we go to taman tumbina..laughing ol the way..=D
lyke kanak2 riang..hihi
me,barbarra,stephanie,bryan,raphael,imma and geoffery
we walk in there about 2 hours..waa,so many ow..the animals..haha..
then,we walk using our own the beach..and..many of them was waiting for us..raka,stephanie,tara and tia
so,they start to BBQ-ing the chicken n the fish that they brought..while waiting,me,step n barbarra go to the side of the beach..playing wif the wave that going to our eyh..
then,we go back to eat at the lho~after kenyang owww...hihi..then..
ol of us go to the beach..some playing soccer..then..until 6,we ol go back home..
wat a best day..
Happy Chinese New Year

to ol who celebrate it


Happy Valentine Day to ol..

(to ol who fall in love)hihi..