Scary Day !!

OMG ! O.o
Am I really awake?
I was like.. Why?
Why all of this non-expected things happen.
Life unexpected ~

I really need a lot of prayers and studies after this.
Really2 freaking me out.
It was out of my mind.

My mind can accept it.
Brain, we need a hard work next year.

God bless !
Lord, hear my prayer.

My PMR Result [2011]

yeah ~
at last nothing to be worry and afraid of :D
my result was out and I was like =='
am I sleeping? xD

Firstly, I wanna thanks to my parents which is a very supportive parents.
Although I was the dumbest one in my siblings. Next, thanks to my teachers, which teach me throughout my 3 years of studying in SMK Bandar Bintulu. [2009-2011]. Then, to all my friends ! Without you guys, I will not getting this great results. Study together and doing activity together. And sure, laughing everyday ! :D Really gonna miss my life this year. :)
Memorial day [22/12/2011]

So, here I am. Walking around the world with my 2nd slip.
Wanna check out my result? :D

wanna see more clear? look at my fb :)

YCS Hangout 2011 ! [Done + Pictures ]

Behold ! The Leader Of YCS SMK Bandar Bintulu !
Dominic Sanchez !
He's also an Altar Server from Iban Mass.
He's great and really2 have been the best to us.
Nice one bro ! :D
God bless yah !

Assistance of YCS Of SMK Bandar Bintulu 2011
Angelina Livan ! ;)
She is a really nice person. Never been angry to me. HAHA.
And I hope she will success in her life like 'someone' she already meet rite now. ^^
She can be everything she want ! :D
God bless yah !

Yeah ~ this is what I'm talking about ! HAHA.
She is Stephenie Sarah Aren !
This is what happen if we've meet.
Never bored to be with :D
Ice cream time ;)
Eat without care others !
And cameras must there. HAHA.
* Sorry I didn't describe as much as you describe me.
You're too nice for me. HAHA.
God bless yahh !

This is Sterry Larson ! :)
He's eating. HAHA.
Although his body look so fit and
But when he's eating.
He is the man, suitable to be brought to Hartz Chicken Buffet ! :D
He's nice and very respectful person. :)
Best junior I've ever met ! ;)
God bless yaa !

At last ! We can't stand ! :D
Pray2 !
Say our grace before eating.
Cause that what's YCS all about. :D
God ! Jesus ! Our Lord !

And still waiting with smile :) HAHA.

Them ! :D Still waiting patiently ;)

Left : Aaron Jacky *owner of this camera ! :) No him no pictures. HEHE
Right : Well, you know her later. We got a lot of pictures together ! HAHA

Well, this is it ;)
The memories in 2011 !
God bless. And Love you guys.
Especially for,
*everyone in the pictures

YCS Hangout [2011]
Hartz Chicken Buffet.

YCS Hangout 2011 ! [Done]

Yeah !
Yesterday [8/12/2011] ~
YCS Hangout was great !
And that what I mean Hangout. Can spend a lot of time with every one of us ;)

Picture will be upload later ;)
wait and see ! :D

YCS Hangout 2011 !

YCS Hangout 2011 !
[ SMK Bandar Bintulu ]

Place : Hartz Chicken Buffet, Bintulu, Sarawak.
Date : 8/12/2011
Time : 1.30 p.m.

*Bring your own MONEY :)
*Invite others too !
*Others YCS are welcome.
*God bless and c ya there !

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid !

In this year, this is the greatest movie I've ever seen.
Cause it was telling about how great a friendship is.
Really love it. :D

Wish can replay and replay until I'm satisfy with it.
Hoho. Btw, you must find and watch the movie ! :D
Love yah ma' friends <3

God bless and take care !
# Diary Of A Wimpy Kid.

End of 2011 School Session.


Good bye 2011 School Session.
Gonna miss a lot of memories this year.
It was a lot of fun and chaos did by everyone :)
And yea, it's ended.

I'm speechless. =='

God bless, friends and hope can see you guys again :D

One week before PMR !

This year 1996 students gonna seat for their PMR Exam..
And one of them are me ! O.o
Well, just try my best then :)

And for my friend, All the best and Good Luck :D
God bless and do pray ~ Never forget to pray :)

Double Celebration !

Hye again ! :D
Always wish at the wrong time.. haha

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2011
Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan yang ke-54 !

Two celebration in a year..
so rapat hoo~
hehe.. :D

EnJoy ur holidays
and God bless ! :)

As I Grow Up ~

As I grow up..
I understand a lot of thing..
And it is great..
The really are, there's many things to do in this world :)

Thanks Lord for send me here ! In this Awesome World You've Created ! :D

Peperiksaan Penggal 2 [ 2011 ]





Good luck and do the best ! :D
God bless ~

Medically Speaking

In the middle of the night, a patient telephoned the doctor -
Patient : Doctor, can you tell me how much would you charge for visiting my residence?
Doctor : Em. RM100
Patient : And at your clinic ?
Doctor : RM40
Patient : Okay, doctor, please rush to your clinic. I will be there in fifteen minutes.


Bounce Stepperz !

3rd Place !
Bounce Stepperz !
[ BOS ]

Where Modern Meet Traditional ~

Showdown 2011

Showdown 2011 ! :D

1st Place
[ ECX ]

2nd Place
HMC Phlow
[ HMC ]

3rd Place
Bounce Stepperz
[ BOS ]

nice performances from all crew !

EGS Monster
Dejavu Breakerz
Force 136
Borneo Crew
Blazin Squad

Showdown 2011 !

[ Bounce Stepperz ]
[ BOS ]

Vote SD BOS send to 33399

Youth Camp 2011 !

Theme: I AM A GIFT !
‘Everyone who names as mine, Whom I created for my glory, Who I formed and made’
Date: 17-19 June 2011
Venue: Stella Maris Church, Bintulu
Fee: RM 15 (per person)
Organized by: Young Catholic Students

*Registration will be on 17 June 2011 6pm*
*Open to all Youth*
*T-shirt will be sell during the camp !
It cost RM20 per T-shirt.
Nice design you know !
Look at the picture at Facebook
and you will know how nice it is ! :D

Form can be taken at me ( Jorgerson ) in SMK BANDAR BINTULU , 3F . :)
and if u guys are from other school, just go to the Stella Maris Church at 6.00 - 7.30pm at registation time. :D
I bet it will be a best camp ! xD
Do come and support us !
God bless us !

new fwen !

woo ~
my holidays this time I enjoy it very much !
cos I met a lot of new friend in Johor there ! xD
gonna miss them all.. I've teach them a dance call Rampaian :D
Pictures can be found in facebook ! :D

God bless u guys.!

Holidays !

*late post again =.='

hey ! i wanna wish
to my friend wherever there are.
hope you guys have fun and take care for this fun and exciting holidays ! :D

Im now in Johor Bahru from 31st May 2O11 until 7th June 2O11 :D
having fun here. and you too must have fun <3

God bless !


*late post :)
hello3 again bloggers..
long time no blogging..

21 Apr - 24 Apr 2011...

its rocks ! xD
we love it very much..
sukacita dalam Yesus :D
many sweet memory for it..
can't write here.. ahaha..

hope can meet again for the next EASTER CAMP next year (2012 !) xD


duh =.='

setelah lama x blogging..
bru skrg sy on lg.. haha
the point im writting is...
im blurr.. daaa~
:D xD :P xP

Khusus Asas Tarian Tradisional 2011 !

Khusus Asas Tarian Tradisional 2011
25/02 - 27/02 2011

Tarian Inang Pulau Kampai dan Joget Tanjung Katong...

sungguh best.. ! :D
mendapat ilmu baru..
tQ Sri Budaya..!

Happy Chinese New Year!

hey guys...
to all of my Chinese Friend..
wish you 'Happy Chinese New Year!!'

every midnight of Chinese New Year..
it was so wonderful.. to see the fireworks at the sky..
boom there,boom here..
i love the smell and sound of fireworks ^^

so, nothing else to say :D
Happy Chinese New Year !!

wow !

today : 22.01.2011
so fast the day move..
like i can't feel neither one day..
feel like want the past to come again...
but what to do.. the day has gone and just let it go..
ready for the anything in front..


long time no posting n blogging..
so now it is the time..
and this is the year of PMR for Form 3 student..!